My Papa is my true best friend,

He’s my superhero with an exceptional power,

Robust figure, with an emotional blend.

He’s the rain who blossoms my withered flower.


Tireless work, infinite time, pain unexpressed,

He’s my teacher, values and lessons, he has showered.

Pa! You are my umbrella when it rains,

You uplift and inspire me to be the best.

I touch your feet and feel empowered.

I pray Almighty to take away all your pains.


Happy Father’s Day! 


Mother is the sweetest gift of life,

Without her, I can’t dream to thrive.

She loves, cares and never complains,

She’s Panacea who takes away my pains.


My mother, I touch your pious feet,

In my discordant life, you are a blissful beat.

As Almighty created this wonderful Earth,

You have composed and given me birth.


When tears roll down my dazzling eyes,

With a doting hug, you help me rise.

For my long life you devotedly pray,

Your scrumptious delicacies perfect my day.


 O goddess, what a charm you possess!

When gloominess surrounds, you bless.

In every happy moment and painful cry,

Your hands I hold and reach the shining sky.

A Golden Heart

Shiny pearls which see with perfection,

Fall into a pit of lies and deception.

Colourful hair perfectly styled,

Puzzles minds and makes us blind.


The world is a food full of spices,

Where Destiny rolls inevitable dices.

Harshness of winter, bleakness of night,

Cruelty breaks the mirror of wrong and right.


Colours of clothes, perfection of skin,

Turn into ashes, does ambition win?

Warmth of kindness and power of a smile,

Make you a star which never forgets to shine.

Though Truth hurts us with this dart,

But what is remembered is a Golden Heart.


He took steps to make his name,

They called it friendly Fame.

A robust player played the game,

He won the ferocious Fame.

His talents shine like a flame,

Dazzling the darkening Fame.

No wonder he’s no longer the same,

Reaching the pinnacle of Fame.


Auditions and concerts introduced success,

Fans clap, his art is exceptional, they confess.

With experience, money rolled into his pocket,

To the limelight, he reached like a rocket.

Gossips and criticism surround his mind now,

Fashionable he turns, they scream “Wow.”


Time passed after rolling several dices,

His life was filled with many vices.

Where are those gifts and happy days?

His family, friends and homely rays?

His privacy and inner voice have been lost,

He questions himself, is this the cost?

His grandmother’s stories have been erased,

The lovely memories of how he was raised?


Alone he stands, with a blurred face,

Unrealistic life with a flawed name.

Now he realises it was a double game,

Mischievously played by the False Fame.